Rich Datasets

At the core layer of our solutions lies our ever growing and rich data which includes spatial datasets, points of interests, consumer profile datasets, national address datasets and many more

Processing Software

At the second layer are the built software tools and systems that masterfully help us collect and process the datasets we are building. These tools include mobile and web applications, server APIs, Data Monitors Software and many more.

Analytics Dashboards

On the top layer of our solutions approach are the Analytics and Insights Dashboards tools that turn the data processed into information that clients can consume and make business decisions.

Retail Audit Solution
Mapping your retail market...

Breaking through the infomal market sector requires understanding of the full picture. This includes knowing exactly where your product is available (sold), how is it displayed, at what price point is it sold, who sells it and how.

Our Retail Audit Solution captures all this information precisely and on an ongoing basis.

POS and Product Task Scheduling
Manage brand presence...

Some of the reasons that fuels product success include customer knowledge of your product, branding visibility and product accessibility. Our solutions allows customers to have control over how much product brand visibility each shop experiences and being able to schedule tasks for product deliveries.

Brand Activation Campaigns
Verify marketing efforts...

When you invest in brand activations, you want to be sure your efforts are not in vain. Making sure that your teams are at the right place and time is key. Our solution allows for verification of your campaigns through capturing of your teams precise location, photos and video footage - all timestamped.